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Protect your vehicle from corrosion,

rust, heavy-duty use and other elements

Are you worried about your truck's bedliner getting worn-out? Not anymore! Line-X spray-on bedliner is the perfect solution to overcome rust, abrasion and wear and tear your bedliner has to withstand. With Line-X, get ready to make your truck bed stronger and durable for life!

What makes Line-X a smart choice?

  •   Molds to every contour

  •   Tested to ensure high levels of durability and protection

  •   Textured, impact-absorbing non-skid surface

  •   Water-tight seal locks out rust and corrosion

  •   Resistant to most chemicals and household solvents

  •   Factory finish, ready for immediate use

  •   Environment friendly - Solvent-free, no harmful VOCs or CFCs

Safeguard your vehicle with Line-X

Give your truck bed tough, durable protection

Want to revamp your truck's bedliner?


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Your vehicle’s accessories will fit perfectly

Line-X spray-on bedliner molds perfectly to the surface of your truck bed. It does not interfere with installation of accessories such as campers, fifth wheels, utility boxes, etc.


If you have an accessory whose installation tolerance is less than 1/4", feel free to discuss about it with our technicians. Call us at 678-297-1101 to find out more!

We’ll get you back on road in no time!

The complete Line-X process takes about 3 hours. The spray sets up in about 3-5 seconds, making the process quick and convenient. Normally, you can drop off your vehicle in the morning and pick it up that afternoon. It's that easy!


However, for heavy-duty use, you have to wait for about 24 hours to allow Line-X to fully cure.

Line-X adds value to your vehicle

Whether you have a well-used or new truck, professionally applied LINE-X spray-on bedliner is a great way to add resale value to your vehicle.  


According to the NADA* "Official Used Car Appraisal Guide," a Line-X bedliner ADDS $225 in trade-in value to your truck. (*National Auto Dealers Association - Sept. 5, 2000 edition)

Line-X Premium keeps your truck's bedliner brand-new for life!

If you think all your truck bed needs are fulfilled by Line-X, wait there's more! Line-X Premium redefines your truck bed protection.


When Premium is sprayed on top of base Line-X, it adds more durability along with UV protection, keeping it new for years to come!

  • Resistance from UV Rays

  • Long-lasting luster

  • Easy to clean

  • Resists staining from harsh chemicals

  • Resists extreme impact and abrasion

  • No cracking, bubbling or peeling

  • Free of leaks, rust and corrosion

  • Nationwide Lifetime Warranty!

SAVE $50 on a premium Line-X spray-on bedliner and tonneau cover of your choice.


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